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We’ve all been there right? You book a makeup artist and based on their Instagram photos you were positive you’d leave with the greatest face beat of your life. This was my experience and more working with Bonnie of @WhatBonnieWants (Instagram). One of the best experiences is when real life mirrors social media.  If don’t know I’m a transplant of Miami and oh how we love our beaches, however last weekend I attended an awards show taping in New Jersey and I was completely separated from my makeup artist and the beach. My partner and I trolled Instagram (see tell your mom taking pictures can be profitable when done right) looking for an artist who was a master at her craft and who could bring our visions of very different looks to life. In Bonnie we found that and much more.


While she worked miracles on my face (I was exhausted and had had very little sleep in days so let’s just say I’d looked better) I asked her how she started in the business and what some of her greatest “OMG Makeup Moments.” Her answers made me realize why she is so successful in what she does.


How long have you been professionally doing makeup? 

Professionally, I’ve working my passion for 3 years. This makeup thing is all God’s favor because I asked him to show me my purpose and I discovered my passion – makeup. I was literally lost and then a week later I connected with a number of influential people who have helped to push my brand and my business further.


What are some of your greatest “OMG Makeup Moments?”

Every time I have a client I work to create an “OMG Makeup Moment” f or them and myself. I ensure I give my absolute best to every face I beat.


What do you believe is the most important ability for a master makeup artist?

As a makeup artist you should be able to make anything work. I was once called Bonnie the Transformer, but I now believe it’s best to enhance one’s natural beauty so that it shines through.


What do you believe is your greatest strength or specialty? 

My specialty is natural and event makeup.


Most important element in makeup artistry?

Blending. Hands Down!


Most important tool?

The brush. You’re going to NEED it to blend!

Check out some of Bonnie’s favorite looks here and visit her website to stay connected:


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