Its Hot! Just Not on You.

Have you ever seen the hottest dress on a mannequin or the absolutely most beautiful pair of pants or romper worn by one of your favorite fashionistas? Well, I definitely have! My first instinct is to immediately find out where they got it, then look for a cheaper price (don’t judge me we’ve already discussed I love my budget in my Travel the World & Stick to Your Budget blog). Once I find it, I order it, get it in the mail, try it on and then sadness! Sadness because it looked amazing on them! Not so much on me. That mannequin wore the heck out of that dress! I on the other hand am drowning in a sea of that very same dress. I figured out how to avoid this devastating situation along with my stylist from KoKo’s Klosets. She gave me the single greatest piece of fashion advice, “Learn and dress for your body type!” Sounds simple enough right! Not always until you learn the rules so here are the top 3 rules that continues to help me avoid the very real devastation of a new piece not fitting right:


  1. Learn your body type

Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean it will look right on you. There are 8 basic body types and you can find out yours here: Shop Your Shape. Depending on your body type you will need to shop for different types and styles of dresses, pants, rompers and more. Don’t see it as a limitation either. Release your inner fashionista by first learning your body type and then shopping for it!


  1. Learn the best colors for your skin color

We’ve all seen it. The dress looks amazing, but the color is … not flattering at all. Everyone has undertones, overtones and different skin tones. Some colors just do not look as flattering. You are still beautiful, but the goal is to showcase your beauty in the greatest light and color! Discover the best colors for your skin, over and undertones here: Learn your Colors & Your Skin Tone. Happy discoveries!


  1. Go window shopping!

I know, I hate trying on clothes too! But, after you learn your body type and what colors look best on you you should go window shopping to pick out different styles and types of clothing to make sure all this new knowledge is applied properly. All women are beautiful! Especially YOU! So, get out there learn your body type, discover the best colors for your skin tone and then go window shopping to test your new skillset! Happy Shopping!

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