5 Life-Changing Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing and demanding world it’s easy to lose ourselves. The daily humdrum and sometimes even exciting requirements of life can literally exhaust us. It is a necessity to maintain not only a sense of self, but peace, purpose and direction within. Answering these 5 questions will literally change your life.


Who Am I?

The most important question you will ever ask yourself. This fundamental question is paramount and no true success can be achieved until you are very sure of exactly who you are. Not only is it the most important question you’ll ask, but it can also be the most exciting experience of life! If you are unaware of who you are then that discovery should begin today. Start with, “What I like and dislike and what are my strengths and areas of opportunities?” Answering these questions starts the journey of discovering exactly who you are.


Who Do I Want To Be?

Who do you desire to be? Not being there yet is OKAY. For some this is ever-evolving. For others, it is concrete. Both are correct. If you don’t know where you desire to go or who you want to be it’s difficult creating action plans to get closer to who and what you desire.


Am I Happy?

The second most important question you will ever ask yourself. To be clear:

Happiness is not based on anything external. Your happiness should be synonymous to inner peace.

If you’re not happy it’s an opportunity to discover why and then work to change that. Remember, you’re powerful and you deserve happiness. You deserve to hide nothing behind your smile. If you find sadness is an all-to-familiar acquaintance of yours you have an obligation to yourself to seek help because you deserve to be HAPPY. So ask yourself even when it rains are you still happy? If not, like Ilyanla says, “You must do the work” to get there.


What Are My Non-negotiables?

Minimum requirements. Everyone should have them. Jobs do and so should you. Do you know yours?

Your non-negotiables are just that – things you are unwilling to negotiate on.

Don’t block everything out as a closed fist can’t give or receive, but be very clear about what works for you and what doesn’t. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having requirements and those who do not meet those minimum requirements have no place in your life. It’s not mean, it’s about doing what is best for your life.


What Legacy Do I Want to Leave Behind?

You are a perishable item. No one knows how much time we’ve been gifted on earth so make the most of your time and get started discovering what you will leave behind. I’m not talking about jewels, money, cars and clothes. I’m talking about the most important things in life – service to others. Make the dash between year born and year died mean something! In answering the questions above we equip ourselves to fulfill our greatest purpose which no matter how you slice it will always include some form of service to those that will come after you and just like the many generations before you your legacy is what will carry on and benefit those who are next.


Asking yourself these 5 life-changing questions will help to ensure you are always fully aware of who you. This will in turn equip you to become all that you desire and fulfill your purpose in life. Remember, you are fully responsible for the outcome of your life. Perform these self-evaluations, I call them my “self-assessME” sessions, on a quarterly basis (you can do more if needed) and answer your own questions:

  • Are you staying true to who you are?
  • Are you actively working towards becoming who you truly want to be and are you happy?

If the answers to any of these questions is no or you are unsure then you must begin the oh so exciting process of transforming your “no’s” to “yes’” and your unknowns to known. Happy Exploring! Self-discovery is fun. What are some of the things you’ll do to answer the questions above? Drop me a note below I’d love to hear from you.


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